A Second Chance

long locks,


misty eyed

she had been crying.

The music blasting one last song,

that spoke of this feeling,

going through a process,

that would take some healing.

Tears streamed down,

fresh and searing.

It was more than just the music,

that she was hearing.

She yearned for forgiveness,

a second chance.

A final hurrah,

one last dance.

Forever was a long time,

it had taken its toll.

but that didn’t mean,

she had lost her soul.

She drove until she found a place,

far enough away.

with sea breeze and the seagulls,

begging her to stay.

She got out of the car,

so she could see it all,

the place,

that broke her fall.

running her hand through her hair,

she took a step back.

Resisting the urge to run,

for which she had a knack.

She closed her eyes,

hidden behind her hair.

Determination set in,

chasing away the fear.

She had been running all her life,

and now she had reached her destination.

for the first time in months,

she smiled with no hesitation.


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