‘What’re you gonna be when you grow up?’

So we’ve all been asked this question more times than we can count all throughout our lives. And we normally reply and tell people what we think they want to here, or what we think our parents want us to be. But recently I realized,  every time someone asks me this question I don’t say what I want to be. normally I go ‘I don’t know yet’ or ‘software engineer’. Never ‘journalist’ or ‘professional photographer’ or ‘documentarist’

The thing is I have no idea what I’m going to be when I grow up. None. I find the ‘What’re you gonna be when you grow up’ question really wrongly badly put. Instead why don’t people ask ‘What do you want to be?’ maybe then instead of getting confused and giving yet another standard answer, we can actually tell them what we want.

We shouldn’t be afraid of uncertainty and not knowing, instead we should embrace it. So what if I don’t know? nobody in this world really knows. So I’ll just take what life throws at me and we’ll see where I end up. Hopefully I’ll be happy, if I’m not, I’ll learn to be happy. I’m a quick learner. 🙂


The Memory Keeper


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