‘Photographic’ memories

Yes, I love taking pictures, don’t we all? it’s not an obsession.

it’s not

ok, maybe I get a little obsessive.

The reason why is pretty simple; I don’t ever want to forget. Ever. All these memories stored up inside my head are the most precious things I own I’ve made and I simply refuse to forget a single detail. Someone’s laughter, the way they’re eyes crinkle when they smile, the way my best friend has that one special smile for the camera, my sister’s smile/frown that makes her look like she’s controlling her laughter, my brother’s obsession with food, the cat’s eyes, the dog’s hyper-ness, the way my dad laughs and my mom smiles while shaking her head, sunset in a place I probably will never get to see again, the trains honking outside… these moments, or rather, fragments of a moment will one day disappear. I’ll never get to hear the train honking outside on a regular basis, never get to see the sunset in the middle of nowhere. Our minds can only store up so much, and so I take pictures. Photographs that mean nothing and everything all together.

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