The Light

She thought of all the things,

she had left unsaid,

all those helpless people,

she hadn’t fed.

Innocence lost,

days gone,

tears wasted,

and smiles she had missed out on.

She had never made anyone proud,

she had never stood out in a crowd.

All those books she never read,

flowers she never dared put on her head.

All those songs she had left unsung,

all those old friends she hadn’t rung.

She hadn’t traveled the world,

never gone to Italy.

Tears stung her eyes,

and she hoped death would come swiftly.

In the end death never came,

instead came determination,

another chance,

she took it without any hesitation.

Holding on to it,

with all her might,

she lived like she had never before,

she stepped into the light.


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