and I saw star like light

only it wasn’t light

it was darkness of the worst kind

the kind that seeps and consumes.

This illusion is so surreal

believing darkness to be light

and feigning naivety

when confronted.


Uncertainty is Bliss

No future,

no plans,

for all I know,

I could be making tin cans.

No it is not scary,

not knowing is not dreary.

It is bliss of a different kind,

uncertainty doesn’t make you lose your mind.

The options are never ending,

and the freedom is intoxicating.

No expectations no let downs,

no tears no frowns.

I’ll go where life takes me,

and catch whatever it throws,

we’ll see where I end up,

after the to and froes.

Sleepless stars

Some nights I cant sleep,

I don’t know why.

Wide eyed and troubled,

I stare up at the moonlit sky.

I can’t make shapes out of stars,

can’t form constellations.

I can’t believe without a single doubt,

can’t fall without any hesitation.

Being awake at the crack of dawn,

gives you the most amazing feeling,

it’s like all the good ideas haven’t been taken yet,

and new discoveries are all yours for the making.

Some nights I can’t sleep,

I don’t know why,

I guess its so I can feel these feelings,

that  would ordinarily pass me by.